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  • Khanin Chomphusri

Working with scanned file in Rhino 7

I just change my main CAD modeling program to Rhino, as it meets my need for architectural project and industrial design in one program and is very affordable. I've been satisfied with the change so far. Today I did try import a scanned file for reverse engineer purpose in Rhino.

The project is simple, Design a roof for electric tricycle.

The file is prepared before by our team and I believe the file has been reduced from the original scan file, as our scanner has precision of 40 micro meter hence the original file is very large, still the reduced file is consider pretty large at 125 MB even after the reduce.

Import to Rhino

It take shorter time than expected to import to Rhino. With default import and save the file, file size is at 140MB (Look at the top left after the file name).

The file is workable now as I will use for reference only. However I want to try out new feature from Rhino7, QuadRemesh, as it is featured on the Rhino website.

Below is the default setting when using QuadRemsh command.

I did not save the file after the command, it is still too large for what I like and doesn't like the result that much. I end up using below setting. Setting the Edge Length to about 3mm.


The mesh looking pretty good and file size reduced to 40MB. Also the work space feels smoother to work and navigate around. Below are pictures before and after the command.

Mesh before the command
Mesh after the command

In addition

I wanted to export Top, Side and Front view to pdf to use it for sketching in iPad later. Make2D is the command, it works, but it takes so long time to process and navigation become so sluggish that I have to delete output from Make2D command after successfully export it to pdf.


I'm happy with the process and result from Rhino so far. The import didn't take too long, handy command like QuadRemesh and Make2D to simplify the design process. Let me know if you have any questions or feature that would want me to try out or to share with me. I'm still very new to Rhino, you can see from the screenshot that I'm not even the finish the evaluation license yet. I will continue learning and will record what I found during a development of the project in the blog as a personal record and to share with the reader as well. Cheers.

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