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  • Khanin Chomphusri

Our Kokuyo Design Award 2021 submission

I've never heard of Kokuyo before. It is a Japanese company that sells stationary and office furniture. They arrange design award almost every year. This year theme is "Unlearn." We wanted to practice our design skill and learn how we could work together. We decided to participate in the competition.

One of the important criteria is how well designer interpret and present the theme. This is truly difficult. But our idea to the concept is to forget what we already know how to do certain things. And maybe we can do it better in uncommonly know approach that suits a post(?) Covid-19 living.

We submitted 3 design. Although our design is not selected we still enjoy the process while we were working on them. They only select 10 design, out of 3,000ish designs, to further develop and compete for the final round.

1st Design: Rest, Relax able Desk

The idea is to rethink the traditional table to suit the work from home situation better. The table can convert to traditional desk to a relax able desk with simple solution and a selection of cushion to match user personality.

2nd Design: 1=2 Double Sided Sticky Notes

We asked ourselves "why we only use 1 side of sticky notes?" Because it's does not have glue on another side. So we just simply put glue to another side but with same amount of glue.

3rd Design: Ditch, disposable pen

As people are more cautions about hygiene using any share pens, e.g. in banks and reception, are more concerned. Ditch is a 1 time use pen, user can use a new fresh pen to sign and fill the form and the ditch it. The pen made with biodegradable paper roll with ink filled in without any non-biodegradable material, such as metal nip. So it can be ditch with minimal affect to our environment.

We learned and enjoyed it!

This participation in design award give us more than what we thought. It made us think and brainstorm ideas. Expand and focus those ideas. Work on technical skills. Work on presentation. Work on discipline and Work on team work. Big thanks to N'Nice for joining me in this competition it's been a joy to think and work together and let's works together again next time.

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