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  • Khanin Chomphusri

First photography contest submission, and got a certificate!

The intention was to find a challenge when going out shooting. There was a time that I don't know what to look for so I decide to join this contest. It's a new experience and feels good to shoot with an objective sometimes. However, I would not want to set objective every time I go out shooting, as it is can be stress out and won't feel relaxing.

Below is a picture that won this certificate. It's a certificate for photo selected to display in the event not first prize or anything. Still, I'm proud of it.

The inspiration of this photo, is a contrast between imagination and reality. The imagination is an art that is painted on the wall. The reality is worker who is actually working, throwing bags of onion. And TBH, I don't know why that Mini was there.

These are others two photos that I submit to the contest.

This shot is taken at Oasis Sea World, Chantaburi, Thailand. I like where the dolphin kissing its trainer with the sun ray shine upon them.

For this photo I like its composition, rhythm of triangles. The unfinished roof form a repetition and a worker who is working alone also form almost like triangle at the center of composition.

I will join more contest time to time as it allow me to take photo in other perspectives, and I could learn and have fun with the contest.

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