Updating my Life Philosophy

Life philosophy, to me, is a definition of how life is meaningful for individuals which fuel their lives.

My current philosophy is.

"Discover problems, design solutions, improve lives"

Which sounds cool and covered and that give me goosebump when I decided to hold on to this philosophy. Though, it is not simple enough and hard to recall. 

New philosophy will be.

"Use design process to improve lives"

It has more weight and remove redundancy from the first one. By improve lives it means I must have solve some problems whether it be inner or outer problems.  Also I am sophisticated with the design process, which I will define it in the upcoming blog.

The new philosophy is also much easier to recall and relate. It is much easier to understand and can simply describe as "designer".

PS. Please don't mind the car. I just don't know what picture to use for blog thumbnail. :)