A new blog, Again. Why Blogger.com over Wordpress.

Giant Raintree, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Why new blog? Simply put, I lost it myself. I withhold credit card I used for hosting payment so the hosting stop servicing for over 30 days of keeping limit and it's gone. Stupid mistake, big lost. But that raise the question 'Does self host Wordpress site really a secure solution for your content? or would it be better to let expert do it?'

In another perspective, It just only 30 days after I failed the payment to secure the content from the service. 30 days are not long when you are overwhelmed with work and you put blogging as a hobby.

While I was browsing for alternatives I visited Blogger.com again and F...., I found what I wrote for my friends in 2015, still there. This just answered my question and might be just what I need. Blogger.com is simple as always which raise another contrast to Wordpress.

I used Wordpress.org, a free platform that I never feel free to use it. There's one plug-in called 'Jet-pack', if you not using it you lost features, and even more if you don't subscribe to it. Wordpress configurations combined with obscure plug-in made it far from simple and free experience. 

Blogger.com, in another hand, is too simple. I can't change home page for my blog. Fortunately, there is one theme that answer my need to display blog in thumbnail as a quick portfolio, this is just enough.

Blooger.com answered my need to write a personal blog. It is simple and free. Changing to custom domain and Favicon is also free, while these simple features are not free in many services. Blogger.com also integrate well with other google product especially with search engine without additional payments. Lastly I can also make a backup locally which is what I should do in the first place.

Ps. Picture in lightbox is a photo of Giant Raintree I took myself. I'm inspired with it.